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The Tampa Bay Composers' Forum: Members' Works in Live Performance (1989-2003)
2 CD set

Live performances of chamber works from concerts of the Tampa Bay Composers' Forum

During its years of existence, the Tampa Bay Composers' Forum was a national organization, presenting concerts and competitions promoting new music by American composers from around the country. This double CD set contains selected performances from concerts given over the years 1989 through 2003.

Vernon Taranto, Jr. -- Head Games
A. Paul Johnson -- Variations on Picardy
David Manson -- Streams II
Kenneth Benoit -- Hill Songs
Dawn Hutchinson -- Interested
David Goldstein -- A Persian Rug
Wayne Berman -- Question
Peter Blauvelt -- Piano Sonata #8, Variations
Joan Epstein -- Arborvitae
Dinos Constantinides -- Trio #1
Marshall Ocker -- On the Occasion of Albert's 70th Birthday
Stephen Raskin -- Serial Sonatina
Kendall Burnham -- Refuge
Donald Wilson -- Nocturne
Frederic Glesser -- Mix2
Carson Cooman -- Dream Etudes, Book II
Sue Dellinger -- Awakening
James Lewis -- Winter Water Sky Songs

Price: $15 -- double CD set for the price of one CD

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