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Summer Songs: Chamber Music of Carson Cooman
Olga Kryvtsova, cello; Paul Wehage, alto saxophone; Moyuru Maeda, piano
Angela Occhionero, clarinet; Donna Amato, piano
Ukrainian Quartet; LAGO Flute Quartet

Summer Song (2003) for cello, Fantasia on American Hymns (1999-2000) for alto saxophone and piano, Lyric Pieces (2004) for clarinet and piano, Canalscape: Soliloquy for String Quartet (2003), Tombeau-Aria (2003) for string quartet, and Dawn Rituals (2005) for flute quartet

Price: $6
a Zimbel Records "CD Single"
duration: 38:55

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Summer Song (2003; op. 499) is dedicated to Rachel Green. The music is filled with the warmth of summer and explores a lyric melodic spirit within a very flexible rhythmic context. (Published by Musik Fabrik)

Fantasia on American Hymns (1999-2000; op. 208) was commissioned by Jay Pierson for Jim and Esther Steele. The work is cast in the form of a free fantasia based on three American hymn tunes: LAND OF REST (American folk melody), NEW BRITAIN, and FOUNDATION. All three hymns are pentatonic and similar in style. The hymns appear in a variety of guises throughout the work, often in combination with material derived from the others. (Published by MMB Music, Inc.)

Lyric Pieces (2004; op. 591) is dedicated to clarinetist Angela Occhionero. The work is a set of short lyrical movements. Although they range in character from atmospherically contemplative to joyfully ecstatic, the overall focus of the music is on singing melody. They are arias without words-as if from imaginary operas. (Published by MMB Music, Inc.)

Canalscape: Soliloquy for String Quartet (2003; op. 510) was commissioned by the Harvard Club of Rochester. The work is inspired by serene sections of the historic Erie Canal which runs through Fairport, New York. It is a quiet soliloquy in one movement. There are a number of "soliloquies" in the work featuring the instruments of the quartet in a solo fashion. (Published by Musik Fabrik)

Tombeau-Aria (2003; op. 541) for string quartet was commissioned for the Premieres Festival in Kyiv, Ukraine and was composed and dedicated in memory of American composer Meyer Kupferman (July 3, 1926 - November 26, 2003). The work is a brief aria-a solo violin plays a melody exploring a fixed position 12-note chord over a rotating passacaglia idea of inwardly-moving chords in the viola and cello. A reposed coda explores the same material at a slower pace. (Published by Musik Fabrik)

Dawn Rituals (2005; op. 610) for flute quartet was commissioned by LAGO, Carnegie Mellon University's flute quartet. It is in two movements and the harmonic language throughout derives from chords built upon the interval of thirds. The first movement, "Moon Halo," is slow and mystical. The basic material of the movement is presented by a single flute at the opening. A section of two intertwining canonic strands follows. A contrasting middle section leads back to a second canonic section before the reposed conclusion. The harmonic material derives from a stacked chords of thirds, revoiced into two chords of stacked fifths. The second movement, "Sun Ride," is joyous and exuberant. Textures and musical ideas are tossed quickly between the four flutes. The harmonic material of thirds is presented in its most straightforward form. (Published by MMB Music, Inc.)