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Benjamin: An Opera in Two Acts (1987)

Music by John Carbon
Libretto by Sarah White

Franklin & Marshall Opera Theater
William Wright, music director
David Winitsky, stage director

Benjamin Child: Andrew Linder (silent role)
Benjamin Baritone: Stephen Kalm, baritone
Deborah Franklin: Valerie Bernhardt, mezzo-soprano
Benjamin Younger: Kristen Forrest Leich, mezzo-soprano
Temperance: Colleen Yorlets, soprano
Resolution: Gregory Johnson, tenor
Silence: Ashley Konig, alto
Order: Michael B. Popovsky, baritone
Chastity: Dana Tambellini, soprano
First Messenger: Jami Ross, baritone
Second Messenger: Austin D. Williams, tenor
Madame Brillon: Lorraine Ernest, soprano
Maître de Musique: Bruce Gustafson, harpsichordist

Virtues, Citizens of Philadelphia, London, Paris: Lauren Carr, Colin Houghton, Gregory Johnson, Ashley Koning, Kathryn Micari, Michael B. Popovsky, Jamie Ross, Ashley Smith, Allison Stadtmueller, Isaac Se Yung Um, Austin D. Williams, Colleen Yorlets

Artisans, Sailors, Parisians, Seasons, Moon: The Franklin & Marshall Dance Company

2 CD Set
Price: $20
duration: 132:02

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