Mark Zuckerman


Mark Zuckerman, recipient of a 2004 Artist Fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, holds a Ph.D. in composition from Princeton University and was a student of Milton Babbitt, David Epstein, J. K. Randall, and Elie Yarden. He has composed extensively for a cappella chorus (including an internationally-recognized collection of Yiddish song arrangements), string orchestra, chamber ensembles, and soloists. He has taught composition, tonal and atonal theory, orchestration, and computer music at Princeton and Columbia Universities, and published numerous scholarly articles and a book on listening to jazz. He also played saxophone in stage bands, clarinet, sax and keyboards in rock bands, washtub bass in bluegrass and jug bands, and has sung in several Yiddish choirs. His music is available from a number of recording labels and publishers.


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#80101212 -- S'lichah - Prayer for Forgiveness for organ