David W. Solomons


David W. Solomons, born in Oxford, England, in 1953, is a self-taught composer and singer. After a few years of violin lessons, he transferred his allegiance to the classical guitar and began composing in a predominantly classical style. Once he had confirmed his voice in the countertenor range he began to write for countertenor and guitar and started to experiment with various modes, including Dorian and Octatonic (the mode of limited transposition belovèd of Messiaen) and the various turns of modality found in the Jewish music of his too too distant ancestors. As he began to make the acquaintance of other performers, and as his own guitar playing had to cease eventually, due to RSI, his composing repertoire branched out into many other types of chamber work, including brass and string quartets, organ solos and vocal ensembles. David’s style, though really sui generis, is still somewhat classical in approach, if only because the important aspect for him is memorable melody. He would like to think that the audience could leave the concert hall humming his tunes as well as chuckling under their breath at his graceful chutzpah, when it comes to breaking the classical rules of polyphony!


Works available from Zimbel Press:
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#80101120 -- Zimbelstern, Vol. I: Six Hymn Preludes for Organ
(contains Prelude on "Gelobt sei Gott" by David W. Solomons)
#80101152 -- Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis for SATB choir and organ
#80101153 -- Sing a New Song to the Lord for SATB choir and organ