Carson Cooman


Carson Cooman is an American composer with a catalogue of works in many forms: ranging from solo instrumental pieces to operas, and from orchestral works to hymn tunes. As an active concert organist, Cooman specializes exclusively in the performance of new music. Over 130 new works have been composed for him by composers from around the world, and his performances of the work of contemporary composers can be heard on a number of CD recordings. Cooman is also a writer on musical subjects, producing articles and reviews frequently for a number of international publications. He serves as an active consultant on music business matters to composers and performing organizations.


Works available from Zimbel Press:
(Full information about each work is available from the catalogue pages.)

#80101104 -- With Christ Whose Loving Rule Abides for 2-part choir and organ
#80101105 -- Sing Praise: Triptych for Organ
#80101120 -- Zimbelstern, Vol. I: Six Hymn Preludes for Organ
(contains Jubilee-Postlude on "Converse" by Carson P. Cooman)
#80101163 -- See the Promised Dawn Arise: a Chamber Opera for the Church
#80101165 -- O Perfect Life of Love for SATB choir, opt. S solo, and organ
#80101187 -- Vision: O the Lamb for organ
#80101213 -- Your Voice Now Raise: New Solos for the Church (multi-composer collection)
#80101324 -- The Evening Choir for SATB choir, SATB soloists, and organ
#80101330 -- Three Psalm Monodies for soloist(s), choir, and/or congregation
#80101342 -- Ricercari for keyboard
#80101352 -- Toccata sequenziale sopra "ut re mi fa" for keyboard
#80101353 -- Prelude, Fughetta, and Allegro for keyboard
#80101354 -- Bless the Lord, O My Soul for SATB choir unaccompanied
#80101355 -- Be Ye Wise for baritone solo, SATB choir, and organ
#80101356 -- Call to Remembrance for SATB choir and organ
#80101357 -- One Thing for SATB choir unaccompanied
#80101358 -- O quam mirabilis for SATB choir unaccompanied
#80101359 -- O Lord, I Will Sing of Your Love Forever for SATB choir unaccompanied
#80101343 -- Solstice Sonata for trumpet and organ
#80101365 -- Three Renaissance Dances for keyboard
#80101373 -- The Guest House for SATB choir and organ