Catalogue: Large-Scale Choral



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#80101149 -- Tidings of Great Joy: Christmas Cantata (25 min.) -- vocal score
#80101259 -- Tidings of Great Joy: Christmas Cantata (25 min.) -- conductor score and instrumental parts
Sandra Gay (music) and Mary Jackson Cathey, Rae E. Whitney, and Richard Leach (texts)
SATB choir, soloists, instrumental ensemble (or keyboard)
This Christmas cantata was conceived with two main ideas: to provide a new cantata that was accessible to most choirs, and to provide a major work that would have wide appeal to choirs and congregations. Tidings of Great Joy is based upon the use of brief melodic quotes from familiar carols interwoven with new material (text and music) to tell the story of Christmas in a fresh way. There is considerable variety in the instrumentation and vocal work, providing for several soloists, women’s chorus, men’s chorus and an octet. Even though it is quite acceptable to perform this work with organ only, the use of instruments adds greatly to the overall effect and success of the piece.
Choral Score for sale from Subito; Set of conductor score and instrumental parts for sale from Subito

#80101156 -- For the Healing of the Nations: Peace Oratorio (45 min.)
Curt Oliver (music) and Richard Leach (texts)
SATB choir, soloists, congregation, organ
This oratorio is on the always-timely subject of world peace and our role as people of faith in helping shape such a world. This 45-minute work is cast in the form of a worship service, with congregational hymns, scripture readings and prayers. The scoring is for a typical or modest church choir with four soloists, accompanied by organ with chimes or handbells. It is moving, provocative and powerful, yet accessible.
Choral Score for sale from Subito

#80101163 -- See the Promised Dawn Arise: a Chamber Opera for the Church (30 min.)
Carson P. Cooman and Sandra Gay (music) and John Thornburg (texts)
SATB choir, soloists, actors, instrumental ensemble
This work, in three post-resurrection scenes from the Gospels, is a chamber opera designed for staged church performance. It consists of arias, choral anthems, a congregational hymn, and instrumental interludes.
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