About Zimbel Press


Zimbel Press is a publisher of contemporary classical music, with a focus on works intended for the church.



Zimbel Press does accept unsolicited submissions of works which might fit our catalogue. Submissions are reviewed quarterly. It is essential that the following guidelines are adhered to. If they are not, your manuscripts will be discarded and not reviewed. Please note that Zimbel Press is currently accepting submissions ONLY of solo organ music that is freely-composed (i.e., not based on hymn tunes). We are not accepting any submissions of choral music at the present time.

1. All submissions should include, in addition to the scores themselves, a biography, a list of works, and a recording, if available.

2. Send only clean, legible copies of scores. Do not send originals.

3. Materials will not be returned unless a self-addressed mailer with sufficient postage is included.

4. Submit, at most, three compositions to begin with.

5. Send materials to:

Zimbel Press
Attn: Editorial Committee
422 Franklin St., #1
Cambridge, MA 02139-3114